Memoria Histórica | International press (2016)
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International press (2016)

Finding A Long-Lost Father As Spain Exhumes Decades-Old Mass Graves

Spain Franco: Victim’s daughter prises open past

Spain Civil war graves exhumed

Photos : Spanish Grave Opened on Order of Argentine Judge–Spanish-Grave-Opened-on-Order-of-Argentine-Judge

Spain glares into bloody past

Why Argentina Is Pressing Spain To Confront Its Troubled Past

Spanish grave opened on order of Argentine judge unearths painful past

“I want to find my father’s remains so I can be buried with him”

Les attentats de Paris peuvent-ils aider les victimes du franquisme?


Spain rejects Franco-era extradition

Spain’s Civil War victims to be exhumed from Franco’s tomb

Reports: First Exhumation at Spanish Civil War Site Ordered

How Texaco Helped Franco Win the Spanish Civil War

En bok, en författare (2011)

‘It’s time to dig up Franco’ say victims of Spain’s dictatorship

Eighty years on, Spain may at last be able to confront the ghosts of civil war

Gathering the Genetic Testimony of Spain’s Civil War Dead

Såren läker aldrig

A postcard from the Spanish Civil War

Spain’s Civil War and the Americans who fought in it: a convoluted legacy

Spaniards Confront the Legacy of Civil War and Dictatorship

Survivors of the Spanish civil war 80 years on – in pictures

The Chinese volunteers who fought in the Spanish civil war – their amazing courage and obscure fates

Spanish Archive Raises Franco-Era Ghosts and Shadows of a New Chasm

When idealists go to battle: why the Spanish Civil War still matters

Homage to the fallen of Catalonia, 80 years on

Espagne : l’enquête sur l’assassinat de García Lorca relancée

Argentine judge starts inquiry into death of Spain’s Garcia Lorca


Memoria Histórica | International press (2016)

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