Memoria Histórica | International press (2014)
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International press (2014)

Lorca mystery may soon be solved but much of Spain’s past remains buried

Google Search Results: Dictator Not Found

Exhumed bones from Franco period bring crimes of Spanish dictatorship back to surface

PICTURED: Spain searches for Franco-era graves–Spain-searches-Franco-era-graves.html

UN tells Spanish government it must atone for Franco’s crimes

Spanish Civil War UK volunteers remembered at South Bank ceremony

Dictionary Criticized for Revising Definition of Spanish Fascism

Human rights abusers in Franco-era Spain could be tried in Argentina

Spanish hotel’s sinister past shocks guest

Emilio Silva speaking in London

Franco’s Crypt: Spanish Culture and Memory since 1936 – review

Graves fallen into oblivion

Argentine: un juge demande l’extradition d’anciens franquistes

Espagne: 20 mandats d’arrêt lancés contre des fonctionnaires de Franco, un voile sombre de l’histoire récente se lève

Spanische Bürgerrechtler fordern Entschuldigung von Merkel

Die langen Schatten der “Legion”
Spanien erwartet Angela Merkel

Memoria Histórica | International press (2014)

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