Memoria Histórica | International press (2015)
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International press (2015)

Fury in Spain over tributes on anniversary of Franco’s death

The legacy of Franco

Spanish city takes steps to probe Franco crimes

Journalist Emilio Silva: Unearthing Spain’s Forgotten Civil War Victims

Facing up to Franco: Spain 40 years on

Franco symbols live on in Spain 40 years after his death

Daughter wins right to exhume body of father who was executed by Franco forces

Madrid City Hall to change street names linked to Franco regime

Official: Francisco Franco was a dictator

Controversy over monument to fascism’s fallen


Peace coin ‘celebrates’ Franco dictatorship

Franco symbols live on 40 years after his death

With Help from NY, Remembering Spain’s ‘Disappeared’

Haunted by the past

Valley of the Fallen: General Franco’s final resting place

40 años Forget,1472596,32457392.html

Der Diktator ist tot, es lebe der Diktator

Die Vergessenen

En Espagne, l’ombre de Franco plane toujours

Madrid efface les noms franquistes de ses rues

La Fondation Franco toujours bien vivante

Espagne: 40 ans après, le franquisme pèse toujours

Espagne: chasse aux symboles de la dictature franquiste

Spaniards aim for a new democracy and end to Franco’s long shadow

Spagna, polemiche per il pellegrinaggio di fascisti italiani: Critiche all’ambasciata

La Spagna delle fosse comuni

Sunn gløymsel i Spania?


Memoria Histórica | International press (2015)

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