Memoria Histórica | International press (2012)
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International press (2012)

Spain’s Franco-era probe judge Baltasar Garzon on trial

The Spanish Holocaust by Paul Preston: review

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon Cleared But Francoist Crime Investigations Stall

Renowned judge stands trial in Spain over Franco-era crimes investigation

The Role of Archives in the Movement for the Recovery of Historical Memory in Spain. La Rioja: A Regional Case Study

Spain: Historical amnesia on display

Archeology student helps unearth victims of war

Baltasar Garzon trial: Franco victims’ relatives have their day in court

Franco victims’ relatives relive the horror

Le retour des deux Espagne, entre nostalgiques de Franco et partisans du juge Garzon

Le juge Garzon acquitté dans le procès sur le franquisme

“Le franquisme reste vivant”

Les blessures mal cicatrisées du franquisme

Le juge Garzón victime d’une “chasse aux sorcières”?

Baltasar Garzón, judge who pursued dictators, brought down by wiretapping

Memoria Histórica | International press (2012)

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